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    Indie author & poet Charlie Clouse started writing poetry & short stories in high school when he was sixteen years old. His free-verse poetic writing style deals with modern day life, random thoughts, & humorous wisdom.


    At the age of twenty-four he published his first book of poetry. He lives in Virginia with his girlfriend & their two kids (more like young adults now).


    Some of his favorite poets include Allen Ginsberg, Jim Morrison, William Blake, & Charles Bukowski. Currently he's working on writing his debut novella titled Radio Songs.


    For free poems & more visit the author's BLOG.



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    Nine Poems E-Book


    9 Pages


    (Please read with caution)


    With razor sharp wit on every page it's no wonder that this fancy little book comes with a warning.


    I Cut Myself Shaving E-Book


    40 Pages


    Songs that will rock

    your socks off.


    Rock-N-Roll Shoes E-Book

    Song Lyrics

    12 Pages

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